On line our new website

Our main desire has always been to keep up with the times, giving the opportunity to those who choose us to have the security of an effective, safe and guaranteed transport.

We decided to renew our website to offer a technological support able to trace our paths, to give visibility to the work we do every day with care, dedication, passion in Af Logistica’s offices.

Through the choice of colors, photos, and every smallest detail we have made navigation more enjoyable. Necessary informations are easy to read and the opportunity of contact us is immediate.

Our goal is to make us a team tight-knit that acts in unison. Therefore we are proud to share this new result with our clients, thanks to our will to give always the best.

Af logistic is not only logistic, organization, precision, technique, it’s above all the desire to communicate with our clients and to offer every day a quality service.

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