About us

For AF Logistica, Logistics means guaranteeing maximum reliability and traceability, supporting the customer along the entire supply chain: storage, management, transport and distribution. We also guarantee a customised service, based on the individual needs of the customer.

The seriousness of AF Logistica commitment is guaranteed by the full compliance with regulations and by the constant updating of our staff through training courses and the use of the latest technologies.

Here are some specifications on our modus operandi



  • Collection of customer orders/quantities and upload to the IT system
  • Necessary facilities planning
  • Loading of the supplier on the IT system and matching service
  • Constant monitoring of transport timing in real-time
  • Management of palletizing equipment in customer / supplier interchange
  • Transmission and sharing of data and arrival times with warehouses and distribution offices
  • Management of customer returns


  • Order entry – entering of orders arriving in the night which require a AxA service
  • Order matching with a logistic plan shared with customers
  • Telephone contacts to privates to confirm schedules and discharge methods
  • Processing and preparation of distribution rounds
  • Matching the tour to the transport facility (AF supplier/fleet)
  • Elaboration of loading list and bdx
  • The drivers are constantly updated about the discharge times and any difficulties in distribution rounds
  • Informing the warehouse about loading plans
  • Delivery result with notification of delivery by sending photos and any anomalies through Gulliver Web App


  • Discharge of the vehicles with the preparation of loading lists and index cards for pallets storage location
  • Sorting orders according to the loading lists
  • Break-up refuelling
  • Picking
  • Communication of volumes to the Distribution sector
  • Control of outgoing goods